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Barbie Lunch Box

This stylish hallmark 1998 the barbie lunch box is a great way to deck your room for hallmark school days. This kit includes a lunch box and a few indispensable tools for your business. The lunch box provides plenty of room to store your food and tools, making it perfect for a small office. The box is sealed with a card that prevents dirt and bacteria from entering.

Barbie Lunch Box Vintage

The little girl in the lunch box is so beautiful! Her hair is dirty, but she is so beautiful with her sad eyes and gentle smile. What a beautiful child!

Vintage Barbie Lunch Box

This vintage barbie lunch box is a great addition to any barbie household! It features a pink fossil watch and a pretty barbie girl in a mini dress. The box also includes a few handy charms, including a"charms" system for finding other toys and games for your barbie girl to play with. this lunch box is the perfect way to have a great time and learn at the same time. The lunch box has a vintage style wuzzles in the bottom and a small toy bar in the top. There is also a small desk in the top for easy storage. The lunch box is well-made and looks great in any room. this vintage barbie dream house pink lunch box has a thermos in it and is made out of loveate paper. It has a a@g picture of barbie on the front and a green and white design on the back. It is made out of plastic and has a blue and green design on it. It is also open at the back so you can get your hands in there. this 1985-1988 vintage barbie mattelthermos hollywood lunch box is a great way to keep your barbie in good condition during your lunchtime. This box has! A chromed up mattelthermos hollywood lunch box with pink plastic walls and a pink plastic top. The box has a pink plastic lid and a pink plastic handle. This lunch box is a great addition to your collection and is a great gift for a spent enjoy.