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Barbie Lunch Box

This stylish hallmark 1998 the Barbie lunch box is a top-rated alternative to deck your room for hallmark school days, this kit includes a lunch box and a few indispensable tools for your business. The lunch box provides plenty of room to store your food and tools, making it exceptional for a small office, the box is sealed with a card that prevents dirt and bacteria from entering.

1971 Blue And White Twist Lock
1987 Barbie And The Rockers Plastic Vintage Thermos Lunch Box - Vintage!!
Black Euc
Thermos The Barbie Lunch Kit lunch box
& Thermos - Hologram Mirror - Plus 1964 Book

Vintage 1990 BARBIE Lunch Box

By Mattel / Thermos


Vintage Barbie Lunch Box

This vintage Barbie lunch box is a top-of-the-heap addition to Barbie household! It features a pink fossil watch and a pretty Barbie girl in a mini dress, the box also includes a few handy charms, including a"charms" system for finding other toys and games for your Barbie girl to play with. This lunch box is a top-rated choice to have a sensational time and learn at the same time, the lunch box renders a vintage style in the bottom and a small toy bar in the top. There is moreover a small desk in the top for basic storage, the lunch box is well-made and looks exceptional in any room. This vintage Barbie dream house pink lunch box imparts a thermos in it and is fabricated out of paper, it presents a picture of Barbie on the front and a green and white design on the back. It is manufactured out of plastic and presents a blue and green design on it, it is further open at the back so you can get your hands in there. This 1985-1988 vintage Barbie hollywood lunch box is a beneficial substitute to keep your Barbie in good condition during your lunchtime, this box has! A chromed up hollywood lunch box with pink plastic walls and a pink plastic top. The box gives a pink plastic lid and a pink plastic handle, this lunch box is a best-in-class addition to your collection and is an outstanding gift for a spent enjoy.