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Japanese Electric Lunch Box

The zojirushi bento series is a classic line of food products from jop orbital. This set, classic yet stylish, comes with a stainless steel lunch jar and a bokken knife. It's the perfect way to have a hungryclientele and is sure to keep you and your pepperoni on the forefront of mind.

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This zojirushi bento set is a classic example of how the company has created a demand for their products. The set comes with a stainless steel lunch jar which is perfect for on-the-go lunch. The bento box has all the necessary features to keep your food cold and in time for your bento meeting. this japanese electric lunch box is a great set of two stainless steel bento jars that you can use to store your lunch coffee and food. The bowls are small and fit comfortably in your hand, making it a easy and convenient way to eat your food. the japanese electric lunch box is a delicious way to have a snack during the winter. This box is perfect for the larger people in your group. The box is heated with a news paper and has 2-6 items. The items are baked beans, ham, egg, salad, and more. The box is perfect for the young means adults who want to take a break from work. From the classic zojirushi design to the more modern and stylish designs. The box comes with a stainless steel lunch jar, which is perfect for either on-the-go or standard lunchtime eating.