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Pac Man Lunch Box 1980

Thispac man lunch box is a vintage 1980s blue and yellow metal tin pac-man lunch box with a thermos opener. It is otherwise identical to the one seen in the movie, both of which are now collectible assets. This particular box is a great addition to any pac-man lover's collection, and is sure to attract attention!

1980 pac man lunch box

1980 pac man lunch box

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Pac Man Lunch Box Metal

Pac man lunch box is a pretty cool invention! It is made of metal that can be used for storage, and for eating. Pac man is currently alive in a metal box, but soon he will be living in your lunch box is a great idea because it is easy to store. You can just take the box with you when you go to eat, and pac man will be right at your side! The box is also easy to clean, so you can keep your lunch box clean and organized.

1980 Pac Man Lunch Box

This 1980s-era pac man lunch box is a great way to keep your friends and family close while you're on the go. The mug with the green eyes is just one example of theerva-worthy design elements in this box. If you're looking for a way to keep your gaming hours going, this is the perfect box to get your hands on. this 1980 plastic lunch box is a great addition to any pac man set. It comes with a thermos and is made of metal. It is a great addition for any pac man set. the pacman is back and he's looking for his own lunch box! This vintage 1980 bally midway mfg co. Pac-man metal lunch box has the pacman's favorite food: meat! Not only does this pacman lunch box have the pacman's favorite food: meat, but he also gets his own thermos of heatraft thermal coffee. Not only that, but the pacman lunch box also comes with a digital clock and a table for two to share a lunch together. this vintage pac-man lunch box withthermos 1980 is a great addition to any room! It is made out of metal and is always a hit with my friends and family!