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Antique Chinese Lunch Box

This antique hand-made chinese lunch box is a fantastic option for those who appreciate the art of china's old-school way of life. Featuring a green lacquered board with brass hardware, it's sure to carry the house and bring the atmosphere of a by-gone era to your desk. Mechanism is to open the top and remove the old lid to find a fresh, new swift key ring inside.

Antique  Chinese Wood Lunch Box

Vintage Chinese Lunch Box

There are times when you need to take a lunchtime break from your work and take a quick lunch in your favorite restaurant. Or either of the following can be done which is the following two options: . Take a walk through the local town. Take a walk through the nearby countryside. Both of these options can be done by going to a local restaurant, where they is a "lunch time" section. There you can order a lunch box which will have all the food you need for now and a water bottle too. Both of these options can also be done by taking a drive or taking a bus or train. Take a drive or take a bus or train.

Antique Chinese Lunch Box Amazon

This antique chinese lunch box is a beautiful blue porcelain with white advertising on it. This box has a chinese symbolana on the front and the word "laminate" inside a circle. The back is simple, with a few small images. This box is excellent for holding snacks and drinks for a elegant chinese wedding or wedding party. this beautiful antique chinese hand craft lunch box is perfect for your table. Made from rosewood, this box has a lot of character and is beige in color. It would be a great addition to any room and is also a excellent candidate for thevs. This lunch box comes with a lot of handy features, like a roomy interior and a comfortable top part. It can be locked for privacy and also has an alarm system, making it a perfect choice for busy restaurants. this antique chinese lunch box has gilt lacquer basket and a tiffin lunch box decoration. The basket is filled with experienced chinaware containing food items such as rice and tea. The lunch box is also covered in antique silver and gilt bowl and plate. The lunch box is complete with a stay warm cloth and a tool set. The lunch box is sited within a richly gilded bowl. The lunch box is finished with a clean gilt finished basket. thisantiquechinalunchbox is a amazing antique chinese lunch box that is made of gilt carved wicker bamboo. It has a royal aristocratic rare antique chinese lunch box design and is also gilded. It has a well-made and rusty appearance. Thisantiquechinalunchbox is a great buy at a reasonable price!