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Dinosaur Head Lunch Box

The jurassic age is here! With dinosaurs as the main course, suck uk | Dinosaur lunch box is sure to keep you ite and your children's eyes open all day, with its sleek design and mind blowing features, whether you're a jurassic park enthusiast or just want a good place to take your children during lunch, suck uk | Dinosaur lunch box is perfect.

Dinosaur Head Lunch Box Ebay

This is a beautiful dinosaurs lunch box made of sturdy materials, the box grants a Head of a good-looking Dinosaur and is filled with all the necessary supplies you need for a lunch box date. The box is too beautiful to not want to eat it up! This is a cool jurassic park-inspired lunch box designed by the box gives a dangerous Head on its front and back sides, as well as a few other creatures, the sides are made of cloth with a little machine that can dispense lunch in different flavors. The top of the box imparts a fossil which is an action figure from the movie, bottom of the box extends some adding tips and diagrammed for you to see how to put together your very own. Suck uk | Dinosaur lunch box is an unequaled addition to your child's room and is unrivalled for learning about dinosaurs, the box also comes with a fossil for playing with your child. This is an unequaled lunch box for your child's Dinosaur collection! The lunch box imparts two compartments, one for their sandwich and another for their salad kit, the bag is fabricated of durable materials and includes a pre-filled water bottle. The lunch box is straightforward to clean and is best-in-the-class for your child's lunch time, this pump action figure with lunch box moves is a sterling addition to your dino's lunch box! He is equipped with an automatic move and a bow and arrow! This lunch box extends been designed to move with him, giving you its freedom to roam and explore.