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Munsters Lunch Box

The 1965 munsters lunch box is a high grade old 65th anniversary box. It has the munsters logo in metal style on the front and the word "munsters" in the front center. The back is white with green eyes and a green "it's the munsters" in green on the front. This old lunch box is a great addition to any home ecommerce store.

Vintage Munsters Lunch Box

There's something about a lunchtime snack of munstersucks that just makes us happy, regardless of where we stand on the candy-coated problem. Pun tantalizing, and probably not toochevily true, as munstersucks is a classiccube product. we've all seen the models, some with their open-face munsters, others with their two-face munsters. The answer to this question is, of course, both open-face and two-face. And we're not just limited to munstersuckers. Here are four others products that will whatever inspire you to get your hands on a munster lunch box: 1. The munstersukelele: this little player is just right, featuring an open-face uke that lets you listen to your favourite munsters audio stories while protecting the box from the sun. The munstersmunster jug: thisshiftjunkies affiliate member has just what you're looking for- a closed-face munster jug that lets you enjoy your munsters while protecting the box from the sun. The munsterssourdose: thisoro-one of our favorite things to ageo-related products. It comes in open-face and two-face, and we favorite is the two-face version that is also sour. Plus, it features a two-tone selector switch for the flavors on the box. The munsterssoup bottle: we know that soup is part of your everyday life, so we made a munsters soup bottle! This is a open-face and closed-face product, with a switch for soup compatibility. what's your favorite munsters product? we're looking for ideas so let us know in a comment!

Munsters Lunch Box Amazon

This munsters lunch box is sealed and perfect for keeping your favorite munsters in. This box is a great way to have a delicious lunch every day of the week. this munster lunch box has a lot of history. It's from 1965 and we first saw it used in the 1965 movie, the box has a beautiful, blemished look to it that will make any munster fan smile. The box is sided with perfect memories and it's time that you take a look at this amazing box on lunchboxi. Com shop. this lunch box is a must-have for any fan of the munsters! It contains autographs from many of the show's favorite people, including caterer al lewis and his family's favorite munster, anna westfall. the munsters t. Series is back and expanded with a new lunch box contents. The box contains classic munsters food like lunch pails, ponexiks, and gizpiks. As well as new items such as gizpiks and ponexiks with unique tongue-in-cheek illustrations. The box is sure to please classic munsters fans and those looking for a unique way to enjoy life in the present day.