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Rambo Lunch Box

The rambo lunch box is a vintage thermos mug that is house and perfect for lunchboxi. Com shopper. This box has all the food you need to get the food you need. The rambo mug is a great way to add a touch of personality to lunchboxi. Com store.

Rambo Lunch Box Walmart

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Best Rambo Lunch Box

This is a 1985 vintage thermospton lunch box which is lined with tourism from the thermos foster papers. The box has a historic feel to it with thethermos writing on the box and a few thermos stickers on the bottom. The front is filled with photos and articles lunchboxi. Com including this one on rambo lunch box and its history. The back has all the articles and photos shepodsthermos. Com this is a great rambo lunch box which is filled with history and fill with information on the thermos foster papers. It is from the era of the thermos paper and is filled with information on the company. this 1985 rambo lunch box with the thermos has all the features of the regular box, including a zippered pocket for a pencil, paper and pen, and a secret slot for a passport. It also has a built-in oven, so you can cook up your lunch in comfort. this vintage 1985 metal rambo lunch box with thermos sylvester stallone is an excellent addition to any home or office! It is made from metal and plastic and has a lot of character! The lunch box is a great size for taking to work or school, and is perfect for keeping your food cold for when you get home from work. this vintage metal rambo lunchbox with thermos is a great addition to any room! It's tons of fun to watch the men and women at work and it's sure to provide a comfortable environment for lunch.