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Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box

This! Item! Is! A! Fantastic! Item! For! You! I! Just! Hire! A! Six! Million! Dollar! Man! Lunch! Box! Or! More! Than! One! Man! Please!

Man Lunch Box

The best way to enjoy a good lunch time is to have a man lunch box. it's perfect for work or for when you're feeling banksy. it's a great way to get your daily dose of exercise and it's perfect for.

Six Million Dollar Man Lunch Box Value

This lunch box is from the era of the six million dollar man, and it is a great addition to any homeup. The lunch box has a unique design, and it is made of high-quality materials. It is a great choice for any occasion, and it is sure to give your home a place to be! this is a great lunch box for those who want to be seen as an influential man. The lunch box has a metal lunch box cover and is filled with all the paraphernalia of a six-million dollar man. There is a thermos and all the necessary items to make a six-million dollar man lunch, like hats, sunglasses, and a entirerosto. this charming lunch box from aladdin industries is six million dollar man! It is made of durable materials and features a memorable can of hot sauce and two doors that can hold all the food you need or want to take with you. The box is a great addition to any room or home and is a great purchase for anyone who loves quality, affordable food. this 1978 six million dollar man lunch box is a vintage daypack that would be perfect for carrying your daily doses of warmth and eating in the cold months. The box contains a great features a thermos that would work well as a drink or computer hours.