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Stanley Lunch Box

This Stanley lunch box imparts a spacious 10 qt capacity that's enticing for small groups, the vacuum food bottle jar container is furthermore an unrivaled feature because it doesn't create any space in the fridge or freezer. The lunch box also comes with a cumulus cloud-like container that is exceptional for taking lunch to work.

Thermos Combo Set Near Mint
Hammer Tone Brand New W/ Tags
10 Qt & 24 Oz Vacuum Food Bottle Jar Container Combo Travel

Stanley Lunch Box 10 Qt

By Stanley


& Thermos Set New/unused Aladdin

Stanley Heritage 7qt Green Lunchbox

By Aladdin Stanley


– Large Lunchbox,stainless Steel -hammertone Navy

Stanley Classic 10qt Lunch Box

By Does not apply


Stanley Lunch Box And Thermos

The Stanley lunch box is a classic style that is a top substitute for a quick and basic lunch, this box presents an 10 quart metal bowl with a watch-making design, while the lunch pail provides plenty of space for your food and drink. The cover is manufactured of heavy-duty fabric and the top is filled with food, this lunch box is a valuable addition to each room and is sure to provide a cup of coffee or a meal with a friends. This Stanley lunch box is an unrivaled outdoor camp set- up that comes with a sturdy construction and is 10 qt, in size. It provides a blue color and is fabricated of metal, it is new and in good condition. It is a top-of-the-heap addition to each outdoor set- up! This Stanley steel lunch box is a top-of-the-line condition piece that comes with an excellent green color, it is well-made with a spacious interior and a vee-moned handle. Order your Stanley steel lunch box today and you will never go back to your previous lunch box, the Stanley classic lunch box is an unrivaled substitute to have a cup of coffee or a picnic meal every day of the week. This box provides an 10-quart green metal lunch box which comes with a thermos combo, the box offers a well-made design with good features. The box is produced of strong metal which will last for many years, the box is high-quality and good for your needs.