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Superman Lunch Box

Are you looking for a 1978 aladdin superman lunch box? you've come to the right place. This box is unused and has a mint condition tag. Contains 1978 aladdin superman items such as the superman lunch box and other cool crap.

1978 superman lunch box

1978 superman lunch box

By Unbranded


Superman Lunch Boxes

Superman lunch boxes are the perfect way to enjoy a good meal while still having a tool to help you do so. Here are six of the best superman lunch boxes have for you.

Superman Metal Lunch Box

This 1954 superman lunch box with its adco lunch box and universalthermos is a perfect way to have some superman tea during your day. This lunch box comes with a very easy to use internalsecutor searcher and retriever tool that will help you find any superman item you may need to have in the office. this 1967 superman lunch box is a unique addition to any geeky or expensive lifestyle. This box has all the various features of the man of steel, like a thermos and a-frame handle, but it's also equipped with a classic yellow metal lunchbox. It's aassis to any superman epic, or a humble reminder of a delicious, simple time with my favorite person in the world. this 1978 vintage superman lunch box is perfect for any superman fan! It comes with a matchingthermos, and is in great condition. It is perfect for purchase to someone who loves superhero comics and games! this 1978 lunch box is a great addition to any superman home. It is made of durable materials and features a delicious hot chocolate refreshing drink. The box also includes a delicious sandwich made from some of your favorite cape and town characters.