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Transformers Metal Lunch Box

Transformers is back in the good old days, with a new lunch box! This lunch box extends all the features of the classic 1984 toy, but in metal, it is a sterling addition to Transformers fan's collection.

Best Transformers Metal Lunch Box

This delicious Metal lunch box is a fantastic addition to Transformers fan's collection! The box is fabricated of Metal and is covered in if aladdin- it reads "transformers for the real one not the they" in the top left corner, the box renders some good wanting art on the inside about how two bots go at a carnival and how they end up in a battle with a group of robots. There is conjointly a top-of-the-heap image of fighting in the movie himself, finally, the inside extends all the paraphernalia- power cosmic cartridge, robot control, and back-up battery for the toy. Transformers, metal, lunch, box, lithography, you can't go wrong with this one! The 1984 Transformers Metal lunch box features a graphics of a robot the size of which can be seen with his Metal lunch box filled with his favorite snacks and drinks, the box also includes a small accessories section with some of your favorite transformers, as well as an useable part count table. The lunch box is sure to please anyone interested in Transformers and metal, the 1984 Transformers lunch box presents a lot of character for sure! With its funny designs and interesting details, vintage Transformers Metal lunch box is sure to please anyone interested in Transformers products! This funko box is a first-rate addition to your optimus prime or joe fans' world. This lunch box extends top-of-the-line hunting Metal applying on it that is superb for your next party game, plus, your favorite joe characters from funko are all in this fun lunch box. This funko box is a top-of-the-heap alternative to add some extra excitement to your party games and is further an excellent gift for the fan.