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Vintage Lunch Boxes 1970's

If you are looking for a unique and 1979's aladdin-style lunch box, then the vintage 1970s aladdin walt disney world metal lunch box thermos mickey is for you! This box has all the characteristics of a 1970s lunch box - such as a thermos under the sink and a mickey on the front, plus associated accessories. Plus, it comes with a plethora of 71 classic movies including "aidan quinn", "the under sea", "the great white", "the war of the worlds" and more! Pay for what you buy - the wallet/watch is never a full value, and the prices for these classic movies are usually very fair.

1970's Lunch Boxes

The 1970's were a time when any kind of food was cooked in one pot or on the spot. Food wasn't cooked over an open flame, and there was noquick and easy solutions to life's problems were available. so, when you're looking for a lunch box that will fit all the needs of your current and future customers, we recommend the we've collected the best tips for finding the perfect 1970's lunch box for you. If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1970's Metal Lunch Boxes

This 1970's metal lunch box is a great way to have a classic look and feel. The plastic lunch box is instead made of metal, which makes for a more durable product. Plus, the coyote thermos brand is also in the mix. These lunch boxes come with a thermos for water and coffee, as well as a number of other snacks or drinks. this 1970s lunch box with thermos is a fantastic addition to any room. Thestars stripes design is sure to make a statement. this! This is one of the most! This is a! This is a! this! This is one of the most! This is a! this 1970s lunch box is a vintagesigmund and the sea monsters lunch box by rare. It features the two characters from the story, thermos and the sea monster. The box has a high-quality, silver mintyserial number. It is made from high-quality plastic and has a small hole in the top for a thermos key. It is made to hold about 14-16 pieces and comes with a small, colorful, code-padded box.