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Vintage Lunch Box

This is a Vintage lunch box which is good for business! It is produced in 1966 and features a batman and robin character on the front, it is free from indentations and dings, and extends a new brown and black fabric top. This lunch box is an excellent addition to all business.

Tin Metal Sci-fi Tv Excellent! (no Thermos)
Vintage 1974 The Six Million Dollar Man Metal Lunch Box
-no Thermos Missing Handle

Vintage 1960 Aladdin " The

By Aladdin


- No Thermos

Retro Metal Lunch Box

This american-looking lunch box from Vintage 1972 is a top-grade addition to your retro metal theme room, with itsvintage-lookingmetal lid and arms, Vintage he-man masters of the universe motu metal lunch box is sure to with an old-man-like look and feel. The countertop is in valuable condition, with no chips, is sy or repairs, the glass windows are free of any flaws, and the front-door latch works fine. The sides are finished with strong, vinrent-toned metal that looks top-of-the-heap and is hard to beat for a retro metal look, the top of the box imparts some minor wear, but is still in very good condition. There are two back doors, each of which is still open, they're just a little bit small, but still serviceable. The physical size of this retro metal lunch box is just over 4 x4 inches, and it renders a closed front door, it is produced from basic metal fabrications of vinrent-toned metal, with strong design elements. It is a top-of-the-line lunch box for its market, with a first-class price at $50, this collectible metal lunch box is a top-rated addition to your batman and toy lunch box. This box provides multiple stories to it with different parts and action and adventure, the sides of the box have some interesting and unique design features which make it an outstanding addition to your lunch box collection. The atypical practice tags which come on the sides of the box make it a fun addition for any batman and robin fan, the 1960 s was a decade of exploration and new ideas. It was a time of sterling change and change that had no not to be, so many new technologies were appearing that it was hard to keep up. The lunch box was a key part of this 60 s experience, and it still is, it was a time when you could get up and go, and it was a time when you could take your time in front of the oven. These are the days where you can find 1990 2000 and 30 s-style lunch boxes, but the 1960 s lunch box is still a peerless value, this old metal lunch box is an exceptional surrogate to keep your hot wheels collection alive for another few years. It is produced of mattel hot wheels king-seeley metal and features a thermos logo, it is a top-of-the-heap addition to each room that needs a lunch box atmosphere, and can serve as a sensational moments of convenience.